Leading player in the French and European road marking products markets.

Within VINCI Construction's French Networks business line, SAR designs, manufactures and markets road marking products:

  • Water-based or solvent-based paints without toluene.
  • Manual, extruded, sprayed or sprayed cold coatings, single or two-component.
  • Extruded, curtain or spray hot coats.
  • Coloured or gravelled decorative coatings.

SAR also markets a wide range of complementary products: heat-bonded strips, cold-bonded strips, studs, etc.

Created in 1964, SAR designs and manufactures all its products in France at Ronquerolles in the Oise region.

In mainland France, VINCI Construction relies on a network of subsidiaries to design, finance, build and maintain any construction project in the building, civil engineering, road and network sectors.

SAR is certified ISO 9001, 14001 and RSE.

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SAR is a member of the Syndicat des Équipements de la Route (SER) and partner of the European Road Federation (ERF).



SAR, member of the PURE Association, develops products for the protection of the environment.


Our products are certified NF Road Equipment and NF Environment.

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Our products are also certified in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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SAR has been a major player in the French market for nearly 50 years and our products have marked all of the roads and cities in France. SAR produces more than 20,000 tonnes of paint per year, enough to make a mark 10 times the circumference of Earth with a continuous line 10 cm wide.

We equip:

  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Highways
  • National roads
  • Country roads
  • Major cities, municipalities
  • Private industrial sites
  • Military bases
  • Automobile racing tracks
  • Etc.

The SAR has a technical center that is modern and unique in the business. Combining a laboratory and test center, it ensures the synergy of skills. It is also a means of making progress, a training center and a showcase for the technological developments of our products.

The power of a leader, the experience on the field: two major assets.

Our research and development team is above all multidisciplinary:

  • Chemistry technicians and engineers for the fundamental research and formulation,
  • Experts in marking, who have acquired essential know-how on the field,
  • Application experts mastering all marking materials.

These teams finalize the marking products of the future.

In the laboratory, a rigorous and scientific approach is supplemented by performance evaluation under real conditions on a test site, in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN1824 or EN13197.

The R&D team develops and formulates for customers throughout the whole world.

This international cross-disciplinary vision enables SAR to offer its customers:

  • New know-how and creativity because the performance or standard requirements specific to each country lead us to formulate our products specifically.
  • Good understanding of the behaviour of our products in coping with external stresses through application on various test sites abroad (different traffic, climate and support).

Innovation and sustainable development.

  • Eco-design of products: SAR is a member of the PURE Association.
  • Use of green chemistry: our hot coatings are formulated from raw materials of vegetable origin.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint in our formulas: more than 30 references of SAR are labelled NF Environment, development of paints with very low rates of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Search for innovative and environmentally-friendly packaging: our products are available with internal plastic foil into the drum to limit waste and so that metal containers can be more easily recycled. Our hot coatings are packaged in hot-melt bags generating zero waste.
  • Development of a new product range without titanium dioxide.

  • 1964

    SAR was founded to apply products manufactured by Kiffer et Hamaide (KH),  a manufacturer of decorative and industrial paints at  Ronquerolles.                              

  • 1972

    The KH7 is the first marking machine manufactured by SAR.

  • 1981

    SAR creates the paint SINOLACK NORMANDIE,  a worldwide best-seller for road paints, with combined production of more than 100,000 tons.

  • 1984

    SAR launches the SPOTFLEX, the first marking Visible at Night Under Rain (VNTP) in France.                                                                                           


  • 1987

    SAR markets the first water-based paint: SINOLACK JURA

  • 1988

    SAR is purchased by Lafarge and joins the Lafarge Specialist Materials division.

  • 1988

    SAR spins off its marking-machines manufacturing activity, creating the company Euroliners.                                                                                         

  • 1996

    The producion facilities are attached to the marking activity and the Ronquerolles site becomes an integral part of SAR.

  • 1998

    SAR joins Lafarge Road Marking, worldwide leader in road paints, thanks to its European and American activities.                                                                 


  • 2000

    Lafarge sells SAR to the Signature Group (subsidiary of Plastic Omnium).     


  • 2001

    Merger of SAR and its international subsidiaries: Vaindipaint (Belgium), Vanden Weghe (Belgium) and VDZ SRO (Czech Republic).

    2001 sar

    2001 vandipaint

    2001 vdz sar

  • 2004

    Signature Group acquired the road painting activity of the Dutch company AKZO NOBEL.

  • 2008

    Signature Group joins Eurovia.                                                                           





  • 2011

    SAR again markets its products under its name.


  • 2012

    SAR markets the most high-performance marking products ever certified. It was the first company to manufacture a P5 R5 paint and water-based paint with drying accelerator.  

  • 2014

    First skid-resistant urban range certified without titanium dioxide: VIVA ALBAN LITHION for reduced environmental impact.

  • 2016

    First marking product certified at 2 million wheel passages P6: waterborne paints (GIGA and NOVA), thermoplastic (ZENON), cold plastic (MEDIAN).