Our business

SAR is a company that was founded to provide application services. Since it was founded, it has been number one French manufacturer of road marking products. SAR designs, manufactures and markets a range of products covering all technologies used by the profession.

Products designed for applicators:

  • Road and urban paints,
  • Cold plastics: manual, sprayed or structured (VNTP),
  • Thermoplastics: extrusion (screed box), curtain, spray or structured (VNTP),
  • Decorative coatings…

SAR also markets a wide range of additional products for accessibility and security

Our ressources

Within SAR's teams, specialists in formulation and experts in application work together on finalizing new products, from the laboratory to their application on roads.

Certified ISO 9001, SAR has a fully-automated production facility with an annual production capacity of 35,000 tonnes of road marking products.

Recognised for the unconditional quality of its products, SAR has great storage capacity (more than 3000 tonnes) of finished products, enabling it to meet the needs of its customers everywhere in Europe to the tightest deadlines.

The Export market

SAR, leader in the European market, produces and markets products that are specially manufactured for foreign markets; they are certified in the destination countries.

Focused on the international market, more than 40% of its production is sold in Europe and throughout the world.