Standards and certifications

"Markings on road surfaces are intended to unambiguously indicate the parts of the road surface reserved for different directions of traffic or certain categories of users, as well as, in certain cases, the conduct that users must adopt." IISR 7th part

According to the order dated 10 May 2000, all white and yellow paint supplied to the road surface must be certified.

Certification in France is guaranteed by the mark "NF Road Equipment", which must be present on the packaging of products applied to French roads.

During certification, several aspects of performance are evaluated:

Daylight visibility (Qd): luminance coefficient under diffuse light measures the whiteness of the marking.

Night visibility (RL): measures the level of retroreflection of the marking.

Adherence (SRT): skid-resistance measurement.

Durability: expressed in number of wheel passes.

Chromaticity (x,y): measurement of the colour coordinates.

The products are certified under real conditions on the RN 2 road site. Following this test, the performance of the products is measured; these values enable the different products to be compared. We can find them on the technical information sheets accompanying the usage permissions of the NF brand delivered by ASCQUER. Each product then has a certification number and a specific commercial name.

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